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Bison were America’s original trailblazers.

Long before roads, highways, and freeways existed in North America, trail systems were forged by the mighty American Bison. The trails blazed by millions upon millions of stampeding bison were adopted by Native Americans and pioneers as they traveled throughout the country. Bison were America’s original trailblazers.

Centuries later, pioneers blazed the trails to Southern Utah. Harsh environments, scorching heat, and little access to water forced the early settlers to innovate or perish. Due to the sacrifice and forward thinking of these early trailblazers, Washington County and Utah Tech University have risen from the desert as a world-class destination and institution.

Today, the students, faculty, and alumni of Utah Tech University blaze trails worldwide in athletics, medicine, science, technology, business, the arts, and more. Continuing the tradition of sacrifice, innovation, and service, we forge ahead, pioneering new pathways wherever we go.

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