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604: Academic Travel Study Programs
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Reason for Policy Change: The proposed changes to Policy 604 – Academic Travel Study are focused on section 4.4.2. It has become necessary due to the world-wide pandemic to revise policy regarding use of the Department of State (DOS) travel advisory in determination of the travel status of study abroad programs. Currently, the majority of the world is listed at level 3 or 4. Our policy, written pre-pandemic, does not allow travel on a level 4 advisory. Previous to the pandemic, a level 4 advisory would have indicated major civil unrest, terrorist activity, or severe criminal activity. In our current pandemic world, we need the flexibility to review programs traveling to a level 4 advisory locations on a more localized level to determine if travel is safe in the specific regional location students will be visiting. This practice is in line with other Utah institutions who are either revising policy or who never had the DOS travel advisory as part of their study abroad travel policy.
The major impact on stake holders is that there would be an individual evaluation of any program that has a level 4 travel advisory prior to travel. This would require time be spent by the Study Abroad Advisory Board and Risk Management to assess the regional location and provide the president with a recommendation and documentation of the reasoning for the recommendation.

Does this policy have academic implications?Yes
Does this policy have financial implications?Yes
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StewardsAssociate Provost for Community and Global Engagement
ContactsJenny Callahan, Nancy Hauck
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BOT Approval DateApril 29, 2022
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