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405: Animals on University Premises
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Policy 405 was a new policy approved in April 2016. It is now time for a standard five-year review of the policy. Policy stewards have met and reviewed the policy and made updates based on best practices, adding clarity, etc.

Does this policy have academic implications?Yes
Does this policy have financial implications?No
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OwnerVP Administrative Affairs
StewardsExecutive Director of Human Resources, Executive Director of Event Services & Risk Management, Director of Housing & Resident Life, Director of Disability Resource Center
ContactsSeth Gubler, Baako Wahabu, Josh Thayn, Travis Rosenberg
Comment PeriodJanuary 20, 2022 - February 4, 2022
BOT Approval DateApril 29, 2022
PSC Notes

Two (2) public comments came in during public comment period, as well as grammatical changes from Marilyn Lamoreaux in HR. Changes have been made to these drafts before final legal review.
*Update 3/18/2022: uploaded version includes incorporated feedback from final legal review and is now ready for AC/UC and BOT Approval.

Thank you for your participation in the review process. The public review period for this policy is now over. Public feedback submissions for this policy are no longer being accepted.

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