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145: Use of Copyrighted Materials
Policy Draft Markup Version, Clean Version
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Revision to update to current policy format and incorporate best practice.

Does this policy have academic implications?Yes
Does this policy have financial implications?No
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StewardsIntellectual Property Coordinator
ContactsRobert Mitchell
Comment PeriodMarch 5, 2020 - March 20, 2020
BOT Approval DateApril 24, 2020
PSC Notes

The General Counsel is currently the Owner and the Intellectual Property Coordinator is currently the Steward for this policy. Kelly Peterson-Fairchild ended up drafting the version going forward and the library is going to be maintaining the guidance documents referenced. PSC may want to consult with the GC and Provost regarding ownership and stewardship.

Thank you for your participation in the review process. The public review period for this policy is now over. Public feedback submissions for this policy are no longer being accepted.

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