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DSUSA Values

What We Do

At DSUSA we are committed to creating unique experiences for our students. Through these experiences we hope to create the best possible university experience and create memories that will last forever.

Our Student Government members are tasked with being the bridge between the student body and university leadership. They play important roles in the decision making of the university and help to ensure the decisions made benefit the students of Dixie State University.

DSUSA is constantly seeking feedback and ideas to improve your experience at Dixie! If you’ve got any ideas, proposals or feedback, please get in contact with them and they will do their best to help you out!

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DSUSA Mission Statement

The mission of DSUSA is to be an advocate for all current students and to provide them with a university experience by creating learning, social, and service opportunities. DSUSA also aims to foster school spirit, create unity, and craft a unique Dixie culture by promoting established traditions while shaping new ones.

Constitution & Bylaws

Familiarize yourself with DSUSA’s Constitution and Bylaws.

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Student Fees

Get a detailed look into exactly how your student fees are being distributed by the school.  It is your money and you have a right to know how it’s spent.

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Rights & Responsibilities

Get familiar with the rights and responsibilities you have as a student.

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Director of Student Involvement and Leadership

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The Student Body President
The Academic Senate
Cheer & Dance Team
DSUSA Executive Council


Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership

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How to Start a Club
Service Opportunities
Blazer Link
Inter Club Council
Alternative Breaks Program
Campus to Community


Coordinator of Student Life

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The Blazer Digest
The Dixie Life social media
Student Life Events
Wednes “D” Events
The Miss Dixie Competition
The D-Queen Pageant


Student Engagement Coordinator

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The Stampede

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