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Dedicated to helping students have an experience that will make them marketable in the workforce by providing them with the skills to be professional, coherent, and responsible. Driven to connect students to Utah Tech University through the Trailblazing Spirit by creating an environment conducive to an atmosphere where students are free to be effective, creative, and innovative.

Contact us: UTSApresident@utahtech.edu

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Jose Torrel

Student Body President

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Chief of Staff

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Mental Heath Advocate


The Dixie State University Student Association Academic Senate prepares students for future endeavors by funding student-driven initiatives, enhancing educational opportunities, and serving as a liaison between faculty and students.
Contact us: DSUSAacademics@utahtech.edu

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Katie Sanders

VP of Academics

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Abbi Wilson

Admin Asst to the VP of Academics

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Samantha Tobin

Biological and Physical Sciences Senator

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James Curtis

Business Senator

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Hallie Palmer

Education and Integrated Studies Senator

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Tyesha Christensen

Health Science Senator

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Corey Gardner

Humanities and Social Sciences & Communications Senator

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Brooklyn Price

Math, CIT and Engineering Senator

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George Wells

Visual and Performing Arts Senator

Clubs and Organizations

As the Clubs and Organizations branch we strive to support all clubs on campus by forming
individual connections, developing leadership skills, and uniting the entire student body, by
being strengthened in what makes each Club unique. We will work diligently to insure that we
create an environment where every student on campus feels they belong.
Contact us: DSUSAclubs@utahtech.edu

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Cesar Ruiz

VP of Clubs and Organizations

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Mattie Hillin

Academic Club Representative

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Drake Bailey

Health Science Club Representative

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Sean Rios

Center for Inclusion and Belonging Club Representative

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Damieon Garcia

Athletics & Recreation Club Representative

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Tava Garibay

Student Organizations Club Representative

Student Life

The Student Life branch is responsible for planning interactive and enticing events that appeal
to the diverse student population and encourages student involvement on campus. The Student
Life branch is a cohesive team who work together and support each other throughout all of their
Contact us: DSUSAstudentlife@utahtech.edu

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Devon Rice

VP of Student Life

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Anna Barfuss

Admin Asst to the VP of SL

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Kennedy Thurgood

Director of Traditions

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Alexa Searle

Director of Festive Events

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Gus Burton

Director of Social Events

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Mason Fairbanks

Director of Live Entertainment


The mission of the Marketing Branch is to empower the students at Dixie State with information
that enhances their university experience. We accomplish this through the mastery of
unparalleled advertising, design, and storytelling.
Contact us: DSUSAmarketing@utahtech.edu

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Katelyn Sansom

VP of Marketing

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Jaylee Dutson

Admin Asst to the VP of Marketing

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Benji Welch

Marketing Manager

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Sadie Reid

Marketing Manager

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Grace Pepiot

Marketing Manager

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Jordyn Bloxham

Social Media Manager

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Nickelle Blanton

Photo/Video Manager

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Ethan Gallagher

Graphic Design Manager

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Tanner Hollien

Graphic Design Manager

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Ella Carvalho

Graphic Design Manager


The mission of the DSUSA service branch is to create service-minded citizens by providing
DSU students with fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities on a local and global level that
will encourage experiential learning, social awareness, and community engagement.
Contact us: DSUSAservice@utahtech.edu

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Holly Hurtado

VP of Service

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Jose Toral-Martinez

Admin Asst to the VP of Service

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Abbie Scherzinger

Alternative Breaks Coordinator

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Nicole Parkin

Youth Support Service Leader

Display image of Ryan Hafen

Ryan Hafen

Health and Lifestyle Service Leader


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Dallas Clifford

Stampede President

Display image of Brooklyn Fehr

Brooklyn Fehr

Stampede Media

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Sydney Bauer

Stampede Operations Manager