IRB Committee Members

Name Title Office Department Phone Email
Tiffany Petersen Associate Professor of Nursing TAYLOR 361 College of Health Sciences 879-4806
Marlene Bacon Assistant Professor of Nursing TAYLOR 364 College of Health Sciences 879-8405
Greg Bartholomew Assistant Professor of Education WEDU 137 College of Education 879-4406
Derrick Esplin Assistant Professor of Accounting HAZY 132 College of Business & Communication 652-7926
Travis Ficklin Assistant Professor of Exercise Science - Biomechanics HAZY 325 College of Health Sciences 879-4339
Song Gao Institutional Research Analyst ADMIN 129 Institutional Research 652-7598
Joy McMurrin Assistant Professor of English HCC 448 College of Humanities & Social Sciences 652-7825
Matt Smith-Lahrman Professor of Sociology MCDON 230 College of Humanities & Social Sciences 652-7825
McKay Sullivan Assistant Professor of Mathematics SNOW 139 College of Science, Engineering & Technology 652-7647
Kathleen Broeder Assistant Librarian - Special Collecitons/Archivist HCC 332 Library 652-7718
Phil Tuckett Assistant Professor of Digital Film JEN 136 College of the Arts 652-7574