Utah Tech University


Utah Tech University has a vast network and a variety of platforms through which you can promote your business or products. The following information is provided to help connect you to the right individuals and resources to get exposure.

Utah Tech University Student Association
  • Audience: UT students; Reach: 30,000 annually
  • UTSA offers several event sponsorship packages that broaden your exposure to UT’s student body and the community.
    For details on sponsorship packages, click here: UTSA Sponsorship Information.
  • Audience: UT students
UT Campus General Posting Boards

Audience: UT students; Reach: 12,000+

UTSA offers several event sponsorship packages that broaden your exposure to UT’s student body and the community.

General posting boards with red plaques are located throughout the buildings on campus. To post flyers or posters on the boards, bring all copies to Deb Millet in the Dean of Students’ Office, room 202, in the Gardner Center. They will be stamped with the date, and valid for two weeks. For additional posting guidelines, contact Deb Millet at millet@utahtech.edu or 435-652-7514.

Sun News

Audience: UT students; Reach: Circulation of 2,500

  • UTSA offers several event sponsorship packages that broaden your exposure to UT’s student body and the community.
    • The Sun News is a student-run news organization on campus. The printed version of the paper is distributed on Wednesdays in all UT campus buildings and at several local businesses. Ads are also available online at dixiesunnews.com. To place ads in the Sun News, contact the ad manager at 435-652-7818 or email: sunnewsads@utahtech.edu. For additional information click here: Advertise with Sun News.
Radio 91.3 FM The Blaze

Audience: UT students & community; Reach: St. George and Washington County.

Radio 91.3 FM The Blaze is a student-run broadcast station that plays alternative rock and variety radio throughout Washington County.

Radio St George 100.3 KDXI student run plays classical music and jazz. Comm faculty and staff

To place radio ads or mentions, contact Shawn Denevan at denevans@utahtech.edu or 435-879-4319.

UT Professional Arts

Audience: Community; Reach: Overall attendance of 30,000 annually

UT Professional Arts encompasses the Celebrity Concert Series, DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival, Sears Art Gallery, and O.C. Tanner Amphitheater events. By advertising, donating, or sponsoring an event, you can make a difference in our community entertainment and create new opportunities while getting more exposure for your business through UT Professional Arts’ many platforms.

Contact Karman Wilson at wilson@utahtech.edu or 435-879-4273 for further information regarding advertising, donations, and sponsorships with UT Professional Arts



Playbills, DOCUTAH marketing materials, O.C. Tanner Amphitheater outdoor advertising, posters, postcards, and advertising tables at special events.

Contribute to the nonprofit Celebrity Concert Series. Donors are listed in the printed programs and receive invitations to receptions and other events. For more information on donating, visit celebrityconcertseries.com/donors.


Become a featured sponsor or presenting sponsor at the Celebrity Concert Series, DOCUTAH, Sears Art Gallery, or O.C. Tanner Amphitheater event.

  • Celebrity Concert Series sponsorship information and packages: Dropbox (Annual attendance of 13,000)

    DOCUTAH sponsorship information and packages: Visit Here (Annual attendance of 8,000 – 10,000)

Athletic Advertising and Sponsorships

Audience: UT Students & Community; Reach: 50,000

For in-game promotion, athletic facility signage, game program ads, corporate sponsorships, Burns Arena video board promotion, Trailblazer Booster Club Membership and more, contact



UT Athletics Corporate Partners

Digital Signage

Audience: UT Students; Reach: 9,000 daily visitors on UT campus

To place digital ads on our network of 30 big-screen TVs across campus throughout campus, contact Tom Picklesimer at picklesimer@utahtech.edu or 435-652-7709.

For more information on TV advertising and rates on campus, click here: [Link to the two PDFs Tom sent — TV screen advertising sheet and Advertising rates]

Audience: UT students

UT Career Services

Audience: UT students; Reach: 9,000 students

UT Career Services connects students with employers who are looking for interns or job applicants. They also host a number of events on campus where employers and students can interface.

Post an internship or job with UT’s Career Services at no charge at dixie.joinhandshake.com. Contact Shane Blocker for help in setting up your profile, and sign up for Career Services events, such as the Business Expo, Career Fair, and Job Fair at blocker@utahtech.edu or 435-879-4737.


Audience: UT Alumni & community; Reach: 30,000+

For naming opportunities, donations, scholarships, endowment, planned giving, branding opportunities and more, contact UT’s Development office at 435-652-7509 or visit giving.utahtech.edu.

Sponsor a Trailblazer — Provide a scholarship and you can improve your google ranking by getting a backlink on our Sponsor a Trailblazer page on the utahtech.edu website.

Alumni Association

Audience: UT Alumni & community; Reach: 30,000+

To sponsor alumni events, like Trailblazer Tailgates, Homecoming and D-Week events, and more, visit alumni.utahtech.edu/sponsorship-opportunities or contact John Bowler at john.bowler@utahtech.edu or 435-652-7535.

Resident Life & Housing

Audience: UT students; Reach: 75 – 400

Sponsor an event put on by Resident Life & Housing on campus. For more information on these events, contact Matt Devore at matt.devore@utahtech.edu or 435-879-4703.

The Dixie Foundation

Audience: UT Alumni & community; Reach: 15,000 – 20,000

Sponsor events like the Fire & Ice Gala, Dixie’s Got Talent, and Dixie Classic golf tournament to contribute to UT student scholarships and other charitable causes. For more information about the foundation, visit dixiefoundation.org.

For Fire & Ice sponsorship package information, visit dixiefoundation.org/fire-ice/fire-ice-sponsorship-packages

For Dixie Classic sponsorship package information, visit dixieclassic.org/sponsor

For donation inquiries, contact donate@dixiefoundation.org.

For general inquiries, contact info@dixiefoundation.org.

For additional inquiries, contact Ronda at ronda@dixiefoundation.org or call 435-817-9847.

University Marketing & Communication

Audience: UT Alumni, students, & community; Reach: 30,000+

Display your business name and your support of UT by purchasing or leasing a Trailblazers Art in the City bison statue, hand painted by a local artist. For more information on the project and becoming a sponsor, visit umac.utahtech.edu/art-in-the-city

UT Magazine distributes to more than 25,000 alumni, faculty, staff, and UT community members bi-annually. To purchase an ad, contact Joel Griffin at griffin@utahtech.edu or 435-879-4412.