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Student Union Building - Fee Proposal

Your home away from home!

A Student Union Building (SUB) acts as a student-centered hub of campus; providing for dedicated social spaces, access to campus resources, numerous dining options and so much more.

A SUB at Utah Tech will embody our “active learning. active life” motto, including the spirit of each Trailblazer who came before, and is to come in the future.

As Utah Tech grows, the need for a space where our diverse student population feels supported socially, academically, and individually continues to increase.


Building Cost Breakdown:

The Student Union Building is currently set to be built between the HPC and Gardner buildings, where the current “Student Activities Center” (SAC) stands.

The total cost of build will be $75,000,000.

Cost estimations broken down:

  • $33,000,000 from State of Utah appropriations
  • $14,000,000 from donations
  • $28,000,000 from student fee balances
    • A $22.25 fee increase each academic year, over the course of 4 years, totaling in an $89 increase.

Estimated length of debt service is projected to be 30 years. Over the lifetime of the project the estimated cost for facility operation, maintenance and capital improvements will start at $800,000 per year (increasing with inflation over time).

The projected amount of general student fee needed to fund the debt service for the cost of construction will be $65.00 per semester. Each semester the student fee amount allotted to cover necessary operating expenses will be $24.00 per semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Student Union Building?

Student Union Buildings serve as a destination that connects the university community. It becomes the hub of campus where students can unwind, dine, access centralized serves, and build Trailblazer Nation.

What cool features will the SUB have?

Some of our favorites include:

More Dining Space:

  • The SUB will feature approx. 3 times more square footage of dining space
  • An indoor/outdoor blended eating areas
  • New restaurant chains and MORE options

Bigger Event Space:

  • New ballrooms for student events, banquets, meetings, etc.
  • Outdoor dining space during events

Giant Campus Store:

  • We love UT swag, and this new store will be massive
  • Street access – so you can grab that new crewneck just in time for the big game
Will there be more food options?

ABSOLUTELY! And not only that, the space for eating will be much large and have an outdoor patio overlooking the campus fountain.

As it gets closer to being done, the university will seek input from students on what restaurants they would like to see, what national chains are trending, and increase the overall options for students.

Will services, like the Booth Wellness Center, move to the SUB?

With the building of the SUB, more space on main campus will become available (both in the new SUB and the current Gardner Student Center). This will allow for students to access resources like the Booth Wellness Center, Testing Center, Disability Resource Center, and the Blazer Pantry more centrally.

Explain the cost to students

The proposed fee increase is $22.25 each year for four years, totaling to an $89 increase. This fee will stay active until the bond is paid off.

Similar to the Human Performance Center’s recreation side, a Student Union Building is required by Utah State law to be built using a combination of student funds (fees collected), donations, and state appropriations. This means a raise in student fees beginning in Fall 2024 through the completion of paying for the bond (a loan) on the building.


When will it be built?

As funding is secured, the initial proposal is to break ground in 2026.

When is voting?

Voting takes place February 5-6, 2024