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Betty Barnum

Board of Trustees

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Ginger Chinn

Board of Trustees

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Committee Advisors

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Travis Rosenberg

Executive Director of Human Resources

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Becky Broadbent

General Counsel

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Jared Rasband

Associate General Counsel

Committee Members

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Christine Arlotti

Staff Co-Chair, Executive Assistant for Administrative Affairs

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Shariq Sherwani

Faculty Co-Chair, Assistant Professor of Communication

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Anilee Adams

Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership

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B Pak

Assistant Professor of Education

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Brandon Bruce

Assistant Professor of Theatre, Dance, and Digital Film

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Cindy Biehahn

Advancement Services Manager

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David Hulet

Web Designer

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Drew Wilcox

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

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Emma Lanners

Assistant Librarian

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Brian Graf

Associate General Counsel

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Garyn Gulbranson

Executive Director of Booth Wellness Center

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Andrew Goble

Information Security Officer

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Huck Stewart

Learning Design Manager

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Kristen Nickodemus

HR Support Specialist

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Scott Jensen

VP Auxiliary and Business Services

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Stanley Rosander

Staff Auditor

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William Christiansen

Professor of Business Management

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Aileigh Hansen

UTSA VP Academics

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Evie Barfuss

UTSA Representative

Mission and Objectives

The Policy Steering Committee (PSC) receives input and policies from relevant stakeholders and subject experts, objectively reviews and develops policies, assures an efficient and transparent process, provides technical support, edits, fosters collaboration by engaging key stakeholders, and provides access to all levels and parts of the University community.



  1. Provide a comprehensive, timely, consistent, and relevant set of policies that cover key aspects of University life to protect and support students, staff, faculty, and University resources.
  2. Support the policy development process, assisting owners and stewards with draft development and review in such a way that the process remains transparent.
  3. Provide editorial support for improved consistency,
    objectivity, compliance, and reliability to University policy.
  4. Train owners and stewards in the policy process.
  5. Manage the Policy Library webpage and SharePoint site.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency

Roles and Responsibilities

The Policy Steering Committee (PSC)

The PSC should be made up of broad university representation from faculty, staff, students, and specialty functions. The committee coordinates policy writing, development, process and revision, and assists owners in prioritizing policies. The committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Facilitate comments and suggestions from policy stakeholders
  • Represent various constituencies on campus (e.g., Student Government, Faculty Senate, Staff Association, Deans’ Council, etc.).
  • Provide feedback and comments to the steward and sponsor of a policy proposal
  • Communicate their actions and provide information to the University groups they represent
  • Facilitate the policy development and revision process
  • Ensure compliance with Federal and State regulatory standards and laws, Board of Higher Education Policy, higher-education best practices, and UT Policy Policies and Procedures
  • Review editorial quality and consistency and develop style guidelines.
  • Maintain an online Policy Library
The Role of the Policy Owner

A Policy Owner(s) must be a member of President’s Cabinet. Their responsibility in University policy includes the following activities:

  • Prioritize Policy Development
  • Review and oversee University policies within their area(s) of responsibility, and appoint policy stewards
  • Oversee the development and advancement of policy proposals through the policy approval processes
  • Conduct policy research
  • Give approval to post for public comment period (email policy@utahtech.edu).
  • Meet with assigned Policy Steward & PSC to review comments and approve any modifications
  • Present new/modified policy to Academic Council & University Council
  • Present new/modified policy for final approval to Board of Trustees
  • Give approval for final posting to the Official Policy Website (email policy@utahtech.edu)
The Role of the Policy Steward

A Policy Steward(s) works with the Policy Owner(s). They are usually, but not always, subject or experience experts, who can assist in research and writing policy. Policy Stewards are charged with the following:

  • Under the Policy Owner’s guidance, oversee the development of a policy draft
  • Present policy draft to PSC to begin approval process
  • Advance policy through the approval stages as noted above
  • Conduct policy research
  • Work with the PSC to address questions or concerns
  • Solicit approval from Policy Owner to submit final draft to the PSC for comment period posting
  • Help Policy Owner facilitate approvals from Academic Council, University Council, and Board of Trustees (Policy Owner may assign Steward to present if needed)
  • Provide policy management (updates/revisions) to comply with the required 5-Year cyclical review

Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel provides legal review of all policies and advises of any legal compliance issues.

Office of General Counsel

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees reviews end-of-stage policy drafts and gives final approval.

Board of Trustees