Name Change FAQ

Browse the FAQ to find quick answers to some common questions

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Setup or fix email apps on iPhone or Android

Follow these instructions if you are having issues with Outlook or constantly asked to log in

Setup\fix Outlook on iPhone
Setup\fix Outlook on Android

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Transfer Dixie Google Workspace content to Utah Tech

Transfer all your content from Dixie to Utah Tech Google Workspaces. Gmail will not transfer.

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Update/fix OneDrive on PC & Android

Follow these steps to update/fix our OneDrive

Update/fix OneDrive on PC
Update/fix OneDrive on Android

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Recent updates to your site?

Have changes been made to your site in the last 5 weeks? To preserve your changes, you’ll need to back up your pages and update the production web server on Monday morning after the switch.
Your changes will otherwise be overwritten on Monday.

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Change Voicemail on Desk Phone

Update your voicemail greeting on your desk phone

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Setting a Phone's Background Image

Change the background image on you desk phone

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Branded Email Signature

Learn how to generate your new email signature block.
Directions for generating block

Get directions for updating Outlook with your new branded signature block
Directions for updating Outlook signatures

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